The first day….

It’s been a while since i’ve eaten healthy on a continous basis and worked out.  However, part of the reason I haven’t is because I didn’t plan properly.  So this past week i’ve been preparing my workout routines and meal plans.  My short term goal for the next couple of months is to lose 10 pounds which is left from the 50 pounds that I gained from being pregnant.

Weight prior to pregnancy =120lbs
Weight post pregnancy = 132lbs
Goal = 10 lbs (122lbs)

The main reason I wanted to start a blog is to keep track of my progress in one place.  This will also keep me motivated to stick with it.
For the first 2 weeks I will be on a lower calorie diet being around 1200 calories. This will definitely shock my body and then in 2 weeks I will be changing to a higher calorie diet and so on until I am unable to lose anymore weight.  It’s all going to be trial and error.  As things progress I will need to tweak my diet and my workout/cardio program.  I took some photographs last night to use as my before pictures and anytime I feel like I want to cheat on my diet I will just look at my before pictuers which will motivate me enough to not want to cheat.

As mentioned above I am on a lower caloric diet consisting of 1200 calories.

Meal #1 – post workout 8:30
Darryl Bar

Meal #2 10:45
Protein Shake
Large Grapefruit (only one serving of fruit on workout days)

Meal #3 12:30
30z chicken
1/2 brown rice (a little bit of soya sauce)
*I forgot to bring salad dressing today and a friend from work had the best recipe that she uses for her salads which is olive oil mixed with apple cidar vinegar.  It is absolutely amazing!!! It’s now one of my new recipes.

Meal #4 3:30
3/4 cup corn
30z chicken

Meal #5 6:30
3oz top sirloin
20z sweet potato
12 spears asparagus

I think the biggest challenge for me at this point is the whole not eating ANYTHING after 6:30pm but so far so good.
I never have been one for drinking a substaintial amount of water in one day.  This is something I really need to work on.  Today I had 3 bottles of water.  It’s an okay amount but I will work harder at drinking more water.

Currently, I am taking a multivitamin, Mitamin C, fish oil and purple K.

Today was cardio for 15 minutes (fast walking) on a treadmill and abdominals.


~ by natashabruce on March 13, 2012.

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